Frequently Asked Questions

A storage shed built in Indiana


Site Preparation

Do you prepare the site and foundation for my shed?

Absolutely! We take care of your building, start to finish. We provide a laser-leveled block setting for your shed. You can see more details here.

Do I need to add stone or dirt if my site is very sloped?

If we prepare your site, you don’t need to do a thing. We will make sure everything is leveled before we set your shed.

Can you remove my old shed?

Yes, we can move your old shed to a new location or completely dismantle and remove it.



How far do you deliver?

We deliver any distance! Delivery cost is $2.00/mile after the first 40 miles.

Is it a problem if my yard is fenced in?

No. Either we will carefully remove a section of fence and reinstall it when the job is completed, or we will build on-site.

Do you move sheds?

Yes, we do. Contact us to discuss your specific project!


Shed Construction

Do you build on site?

Yes! If your building is too large to haul or if there are obstructions (other buildings, trees, permanent fences, etc.) that prevent safe delivery of the completed building.

Can you match the color of my house?

Absolutely! Choose any paint or shingle color, at no additional charge!

Can you match the style, roof, siding, etc. of my house?

Yes. In the past, we’ve constructed buildings with vinyl, log, lap, wood, and steel siding. Adding a steeper roof pitch, overhangs, dormers, etc., is not a problem either. Since customization is our specialty, we can craft every project to your specifications!

What about building permits?

Building permits and zoning considerations are the responsibility of the property owner. Make sure to plan ahead! No one wants their project held up by paperwork when it’s half done!



Do you offer Rent-to-Own or financing?

No. Our policy is payment on delivery. This allows us to offer a better upfront price and helps you keep money in your pocket.

Do your sheds have a warranty?

Yes! If we provide site preparation, we back every one of our buildings with a 10-year warranty that includes normal wear from any defects in materials and workmanship! We stand behind our products! You can find more details on warranties here.

Got other questions that we don’t answer here? Feel free to give us a call and ask them yourself! We’re always glad to talk!

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A customized storage shed near Fort Wayne, Indiana
A storage shed built near Fort Wayne, Indiana