Premium A-Frame Shed

Introducing our latest shed model, where functionality, style, and spaciousness seamlessly converge into one exceptional structure

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Multifunctional A-Frame Shed Designed to Meet Diverse Requirements 


Absolutely correct. If you’re in search of a shed that serves a purpose beyond simple storage – whether it’s for a backyard office, a man cave, or a she shed – your search ends here. Our premium a-frame shed is meticulously crafted to cater to such diverse needs.

Highly adaptable, this shed seamlessly aligns with your specific preferences, streamlining your life. You have the freedom to select the material, color, door style, or window model to tailor it to your liking.

Furthermore, like all our models, our a-frame shed is constructed from robust materials, ensuring durability in any weather condition.

The Premium A-Frame Shed Always Includes:

premium a frame




Here are some specifications of our premium a-frame shed for sale in Indiana.

  •  8’ wall on 10’–16’ wide sheds
  • 7’ wall on 8’ wide sheds
  • 6” overhangs, 8/12 pitch roof, 6” roof trim standard
  • 8’dormer available on 12×16 or larger
  • 12’ dormer available on 12×20 or larger 



Premium A-Frame Sizes & Pricing

8x6$2,93012x28 *$11,615
8x8$3,56012x32 *$12,665
8x10$4,05014x16 *$9,240
8x12$4,45514x20 *$11,175
10x12$5,16514x24 *$12,935
10x16$6,02514x28 *$14,895
10x20$7,40014x32 *$16,440
12x12$6,12016x20 *$12,810
12x16$7,38016x24 *$14,660
12x20$8,78516x28 *$16,440
12x24$10,19516x32 *$17,920
* Built on site
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Distinguish Yourself From Other Shed Owners

While this base design is a great starting place, it’s just that: a starting place. How the finished product looks is up to your imagination.

Paint colors, porches, lofts, siding choices…they all combine to give nearly limitless options for personalization.  That’s the benefit of working directly with the builder instead of buying a prefabricated storage barn sitting in a sales lot somewhere!

If you have a premium a-frame shed idea that doesn’t match one of our standard designs, we’re still able to help! We’ve built numerous custom designs over the years and we’re ready to assist you with yours. It only takes one call to get the design process started!

The Standard Barn

standart barn

The A-Frame Shed

An A-frame shed by an Indiana shed builder

Cottage Style Shed

cottage shed

Custom Sheds

studio shed