Roofing, Siding, and Floors

Customized storage shed exteriors protect and perfect your shed!

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Customize Your Shed’s Exterior

Your customized storage shed’s roofing and siding are some of its most visible features, as well as the main things protecting your belongings from the elements. In addition, your floor shields the contents of your shed from ground moisture and critters and supports everything inside. Since we back all our sheds with a 10-year warranty, we only use building materials that meet our high-quality standards. Among those high-quality materials, though, we offer a variety of choices to create the shed that is most perfectly suited to your needs.

Roofing Options:

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Architectural (or dimensional) shingles are now the standard roofing product for our customized storage sheds. They offer durable protection from the elements and come in a variety of colors. Select a color that accents your shed or match the existing roofs on your property. Our shingles come standard with a 30-year warranty. Consider adding a ridge vent to your shingle roof to reduce heat and moisture build up and increase your roof’s longevity.

Looking for something more than shingles? We’re able to customize your shed’s roof to almost anything you can imagine. Metal is one popular upgrade, as shown here. Whether it’s matching the current look of your property or going for something shiny and new, a metal roof makes an elegant statement on any building. Don’t hesitate to contact us with your customized shed roof ideas!

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Siding Choices:

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Our standard siding product is the LP® SmartSide® siding panel. As an engineered wood product, the SmartSide® panel has the natural look of cedar grain but is specially treated to resist termites and decay. SmartSide® siding comes primed to paint, and, before we deliver your shed, we’ll give it two coats of Lifetime Warranty Sherwin-Williams® paint in any color you choose. Best of all, our SmartSide siding is covered by a 50-year warranty!

If you want to go the low-maintenance route, vinyl siding is an excellent choice. Skip the process of repainting wood siding as it ages, and instead choose a siding that virtually takes care of itself. We offer numerous color choices and can also match the style or color of the siding on any existing buildings on your property! Vinyl siding will increase the base price of a customized storage shed by approximately 30%. 

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We believe your customized storage shed is only as good as the floor that’s under it. Poor flooring construction can lead to sagging and bouncing over time, as well as being too weak to park equipment on, or allowing critters to find their way in.

All our customized storage sheds have floors constructed with pressure treated lumber to withstand rot, insects, and decay. 2″x4″ premium-grade pressure-treated floor joists on 4×4 pressure-treated runners create a floor strong enough to park heavy equipment on, as pictured here. The flooring itself is Huber PerformMAX® 500 tongue-and-groove flooring panels, also treated to withstand decay.

If you prefer, we can pour a concrete floor for your customized storage shed. We’ll build your backyard shed without the regular wood floor and set it directly onto the concrete. Pouring a concrete floor costs about $9/square foot. Whichever floor style you choose, make sure the contents of your shed have the support they need!

How Can We Help?

Not seeing what you’re looking for? Unfortunately, we don’t have room to display every shed style we’ve done, so if you have another idea in mind, please let us know. Give us a call and we’ll be more than happy to advise you as you plan your project!

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