Affordable Vehicle Storage,

Built to Last 

Are you ready to get your car out of the weather?

Give it a chance and nature can really do a number on a car or truck. That’s why you shouldn’t give it a chance.

We build our portable garages with the fierce Indiana elements in mind. Since 1999, they’ve been keeping vehicles in the Fort Wayne area safe and dry. By combining quality materials with detail-focused craftsmanship, we’re able to create vehicle storage solutions that withstand the test of time.

In fact, we’re so confident in the quality of our prefab garages that we offer a 10-year, top-to-bottom warranty that includes normal wear!

Our Prefab Garages Include:

  • 8′ walls built with 2×4 framing, 16″ on-center
  • 9’x7′ roll-up or garage doors with aluminum diamond plated thresholds
  • 3′ Metal Pedestrian Door with no-rot jambs
  • A 2’x3′ Single Hung Window
  • 4″x4″ runners and 2″x4″ floor joists, all pressure-treated (joists are 12″ on-center for extra strength)
  • 3/4″ Huber PerformMAX® 500 tongue-and-groove flooring
  • LP® SmartSide® siding and MiraTEC® trim, both with a 50-year warranty
  • 2 coats of Lifetime Warranty Sherwin-Williams® Resilience® exterior paint
  • Dimensional shingles with a 30-year warranty
  • A 10-year, top-to-bottom warranty!
Single car garage builder in Fort Wayne, Indiana
Single car garage for sale near Fort Wayne, IN
12x20 $5,225
12x24 $5,950
12x28 $6,495
12x32 $6,980
14x20 $6,140
14x24 $6,845
14x32 $8,210
16x20 $7,215
16x24 $7,910
16x28 $8,570
16x32 $9,370

Don’t Be Typical – Make Your Prefab Garage Special

While our base portable garage design is a great starting place, it’s just that: a starting place. How the finished product looks is up to your imagination.

Paint colors, windows and doorssiding options…they all combine to give nearly limitless options for personalization.  That’s the benefit of working directly with the builder instead of buying a manufactured single car garage sitting in a sales lot somewhere!

If you have a portable garage idea that doesn’t match our standard designs, we’re still able to help! We’ve built numerous custom designs over the years and we’re ready to assist you with yours. It only takes one call to get the design process started!

A single car garage near Fort Wayne, IN
A prefab single car garage near Fort Wayne, Indiana
A custom garage near Fort Wayne, Indiana