Affordable Vehicle Storage,

Built to Last 

Are you ready to get your car out of the weather?

Give it a chance and nature can really do a number on a car or truck. That’s why you shouldn’t give it a chance.

We build our carports, permanent garages and portable garages with the fierce Indiana elements in mind. Since 1999, they’ve been keeping vehicles in the Fort Wayne area safe and dry. By combining quality materials with detail-focused craftsmanship, we’re able to create vehicle storage solutions that withstand the test of time.

In fact, we’re so confident in the quality of our prefab garages that we offer a 10-year, top-to-bottom warranty that includes normal wear!

Explore Our Diverse Range of Garage Styles

Prefab Garages

Discover convenience and quality with our selection of prefab garages for sale in Bluffton, Indiana. These pre-built structures offer a hassle-free solution for adding extra storage or workspace to your property.

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Permanent Garages

Built to withstand Indiana’s diverse weather conditions, our permanent garages are crafted from robust materials, ensuring durability and reliability year-round. Explore our inventory today and invest in a premium permanent garage.

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Discover the perfect solution for protecting your vehicles from the elements with our selection of carports for sale in Bluffton, Indiana. Our sturdy and stylish carports offer a versatile and affordable alternative to traditional garage structures.

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Don’t Be Typical – Make Your Garages Special

While our standard garage design serves as an excellent foundation, it’s merely a starting point. The final look and feel of your garage are limited only by your imagination. Our prefab garages, permanent garages, and carports offer endless customization options, ensuring they’re tailored precisely to your requirements.

Paint colors, windows and doorssiding options…they all combine to give nearly limitless options for personalization.  That’s the benefit of working directly with the builder instead of buying a manufactured single car garage sitting in a sales lot somewhere!

If you have a portable garage, permanent garage, or carport idea that doesn’t align with our standard designs, we’re still able to help! We’ve built numerous custom designs over the years and we’re ready to assist you with yours. It only takes one call to get the design process started!