Site Preparation and Delivery

How we get your new building settled in!

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Keep Your Shed Safe and Secure

Once your perfect storage shed is chosen and designed, there are only a couple more steps to complete the storage upgrade process. It’s important to think about preparing your site before your building arrives in order to keep it solid for the coming years. The good new is, we offer site preparation as part of our delivery process! Think your site might need something special? Get in touch with us for a custom quote on your project!

Shed Site Preparation

A finished shed foundation with concrete blocks

Before your new shed arrives on your property, you’ll want to think about preparing the location where it will be placed.

What’s the best way to prepare a shed foundation? Well, in addition to building your new shed, we also offer site preparation to make sure everything is set to go when it arrives!

This is an important step in the process, as a backyard shed with an improper foundation can cause problems for years to come. If the floor of your shed is not evenly supported, it can sag and shift over time. If one part of the shed sinks even a little, it can result in binding windows and doors, and other structural issues.

When we prepare your shed foundation, we use a method where blocks are spread out across the bottom of the shed to support it evenly. Below, you can see the exact steps involved in site preparation for your shed. 

We’re so confident in our work that when you choose our site preparation for your new shed, we’ll back both the building and the foundation with a 10-year warranty, that includes normal wear!  We charge $2.00 per building square foot for shed site preparation.

If you’re looking to have your shed built on-site, no need to worry. Our skilled workers have the experience to construct your shed on-site without any issues.
Work starting on a shed foundation

Step 1 – The sod is removed from each individual block setting. 

Leveling gravel for a shed foundation in Indiana

Step 2 – Packing stone is placed into each hole and leveled. 

Laser leveled shed foundation in IN

Step 3 – A laser transit is used to level the entire site. 

Leveling a shed foundation block in IN

Step 4 – Each individual block setting is leveled. 

Installing a shed foundation in IN

Step 5 – Dirt is filled back in around each block.

A shed on new foundation near Fort Wayne, IN

Step 6 – Put your new building in place and it’s all done! 

Storage Shed Delivery

Once your shed is completed, we will deliver it for free within 30 miles of our shop in Bluffton, IN! And we only charge $3.00/mile over 30 miles! We use a truck and trailer system that allows us to deliver your shed fully constructed in most cases. If your building is too large to haul or there are obstructions preventing safe delivery onto your property, we may build on-site. We will do whatever is necessary to get your backyard shed to its new home safely and efficiently!

Since we are already set up to haul sheds, we also offer moving services for existing sheds. If you have a building that needs to be demolished or if you have a portable building that needs to go to another location, contact us for a personalized quote!

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