Lofts and Utility Options

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Maximize Your Shed’s Functionality

Since a storage shed is a major investment, it’s crucial to make sure you get the most out of it. On Standard Barn and Deluxe Barn styles over 12′ long we offer the ability to add a loft to increase the vertical storage capabilities of of your building. In the example pictured above, the loft floor is the full width of the building, with an in-loft height of 5′. That’s quite a bit of extra storage! The building pictured also includes a built in shelf for even more storage space. Make sure you’re getting the most out of your shed right from the start. If you have a utility feature that you would like to include on your shed that is not listed here, please contact us for a free custom quote!

Storage Shed Lofts


Lofts are the easiest way to increase your storage shed’s capacity without increasing square footage. By storing things vertically, you instantly add more cubic feet of usable space to the same building footprint. We offer lofts on all our Standard and Deluxe barns over 12′ long. Thanks to the way we’ve designed our roofs, we allow for an in-loft height of 5′-7′! For details on loft pricing, refer to our pricing tables for Standard Barns and Deluxe Barns respectively, or contact us for a free quote.

Storage Shed Utility Add-ons:


There are several other options that can be added to your backyard shed to increase its utility and functionality. Adding a built-in shelf lets you start stacking the contents of your shed from the moment it arrives. Depending how high you place it, you can also use a built-in shelf as a workbench for your projects. A ramp allows easy access for any equipment that needs to move in and out of the shed. Adding a vent to your storage shed not only keeps it cooler in the summer, but can also add a nice accent touch to the exterior

A shelf in a storage shed in Indiana


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Utility Options.csv

8"x8" vent$40
12"x12" vent$45
4' ridge vent$50



54x481,600 lb.$350
66x481,600 lb$375
34x601,600 lb. per set$350
28x483,200 lb. per set$220 (per each)
34x483,200 lb. per set$250 (per each)
28 & 34Ramp Kit$50 (aluminum parts)

How Can We Help?

Not seeing the storage options you have in mind? Give us a call and we’ll be more than happy to show you other available accessories or help you find the custom feature you’re looking for. We’re here to assist you in the process of designing your ideal building!

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