Windows and Doors

Let There Be Light In Your Shed!

Storage shed window and door placement is one of the most important considerations to plan for when creating your backyard shed or garage. Lack of light or easy access in your shed can cause problems for years to come. However, by planning the layout of your shed ahead of time, you can create the building that best suites your long-term needs!

Storage Shed Window Choices:

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Sunlight is the cheapest and easiest way to light your storage shed. Several well-placed windows can make a huge difference in the long-term usefulness of your storage building. We offer a variety of standard window styles, from simple 12″x12″ square windows up to 24″x36″ single hung windows. Accent windows, like a Sunburst style can add a beautiful touch to a customized storage shed project. Below, you can see examples of several of our window styles. 


12"x12"4 Lite$55
14"x21"Single hung$65
18"x28"Single hung$75
24"x36"Single hung$85
Transom24", 30", 36"$75
24"x36"Double pane$190
Window trim$40
A storage shed window near Fort Wayne, IN
storage shed window style fort wayne indiana 4
Storage shed window style in Indiana

Storage Shed Door Choices:


The location of your backyard sheds’ doors is another important decision to be made as you plan your new building. Remember to consider the types of equipment you will be storing in your shed and choose a door placement that will allow for easy entry and exit of that equipment. There are a number of door styles and materials to select from. We offer garage doors and roll-up doors for best equipment maneuverability. Steel, vinyl, or wooden pedestrian doors each come with unique trim and visual styles. Several are pictured below. 


Single Wood Door$150
Double Wood Doors$250
Double Metal or Vinyl Doors$550
3’ Entry Door (6 panel)$475
3’ Entry Door w/9 Lite Window$560
Garage or Roll-up Door6'x7'$900*
Garage or Roll-up Door7'x7'$1,000*
Garage or Roll-up Door8'x7'$1,100*
Garage or Roll-up Door9'x7'$1,200*

*Subtract $250 when replacing standard Double Wood Doors.

Storage shed near Fort Wayne, Indiana with double doors
storage shed custom window door 1
Storage shed door near Fort Wayne, Indiana

How Can We Help?

Not seeing the door or window style you have in mind? Give us a call and we’ll be more than happy to show you other available options and assist you in the process of designing your ideal building!

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